Über mich
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Über mich

Marlena Kuczko

My name is Marlena and my photography journey began in my childhood, playing with an old ZENIT camera that belonged to my dad.  Although it started out as a hobby, I became extremely interested in the idea of „drawing with the light”. This quickly developed during the 10 years that I lived in Berlin.  With a passion to further my education and strengthen my photography I began my education at Lette Verein in Berlin where I improved my skills in Fotodesign.
Following my education and work experience I am finally where I’ve always wanted to be, capturing the beauty of people and the world.

Me as a photographer

As a photographer I believe there is always room to improve and more to learn. In addition to my work I also collaborate with other professional photographers to create additional projects. Communication with your photographer is vital and my team are multilingual, so please feel free to contact us at any time! Our experience is extremely versatile, so feel free to enquire about any field of photography. Wanderlust  not only defines our flexibility to travel to projects but our innate desire to combine our love of photography with seeing the world. Please feel free to ask us about our destination deals when you contact us!