Professional photo sessions
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Professional photo sessions

When looking for a photographer, you are hoping not only for some gorgeous pictures, but also for someone fun to work with who will help you feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot. It is very difficult to find “your” photographer – the person who will understand your vision, get the very best out of you and portray this in the final photographs.


What is most important for us as photographers is to capture life’s incredible moments in a beautiful way, so that in 10 years time, you will still feel the power and emotion contained in these images.
We are professional in every respect:

  • Always prepared
  • Know our gear inside out
  • Good shooting habits (speeding up post-production)
  • Quickly and efficient
  • Experts in outdoor sessions

You can trust us with finding the best light or… making it! Light is the key ingredient to absolutely everything we do as photographers.
We work with the best equipment on the market:

  • Canon Eos 5D Mark III
  • Canon Lens  135 mm 2.0
  • Canon Lens  85 mm  1.2
  • Canon Lens 50 mm 1.2
  • Canon Lens 24 mm 1.4
  • Canon Lens 16-35 mm 2.8